A Perfect Day At The Christmas Tree Farm

Thanksgiving is practically here which means if you don’t already have your Christmas tree up the time is here. I don’t know about all of you but around here we have several holiday traditions we like to keep up year after year, and 2020 isn’t going to stop them! To kick-off the Christmas traditions we begin by hitting the Christmas tree farm promptly after Thanksgiving — if you have never had a real tree I cannot recommend it enough. I know what you are thinking and no they are not that messy and with the proper lights the fire hazard is very minimal, so what are you waiting on?!

The website BestThingsInAR compiled a list of the nine best Christmas Tree Farms in the natural state and one of our favorites even made the list, not to mention the picture they selected happens to be one of me from my Instagram feed! We highly recommend the Pine Grove Christmas Tree Farm in Charleston, you really won’t find any better people and selection of trees. There at the farm you can experience it all from cut-your-own trees, hayrides, petting zoo, hot chocolate, and a kids play area. If the phrase “cut-your-own tree” scares you away don’t worry you also have the option to have someone at the farm assist you with a chainsaw. Once you have selected your tree and had it cut it will be taken to be shaken out to get rid of the loose needles and sacked up so it can be easily loaded up to head to its new home, your home!

You might be thinking that it all just seems like too much work but there is honestly something so magical about spending the day with your loved ones soaking in the brisk fresh air while you hunt the aisles of trees for that perfect one, or two, for your home. There is really no rhyme or reason for choosing the perfect tree because I firmly believe that the perfect tree chooses you. You might be thinking, “well how will the tree choose me, Ashton?” The answer is simple you will be walking along and suddenly that one tree will take your breath away and you know that is the one that you need to take home. Once that moment hits you, you must document the tree in all of its growing glory with a family photo standing proudly in front of it before you make the first cut to take it home. On your walk up to the front be sure to grab yourself a warm cup of hot chocolate and take in everything else the farm has to offer like the petting zoo and hayride, socially distanced this year of course.

Many memories have been made at the Christmas Tree Farm for several members of my family that involve more than just cutting down your tree. A few years ago my cousin said “yes” to her now husband, the Pine Grove Christmas Tree Farm is one of the last places my entire family was together and took a picture with my now late grandmother, and last year the Christmas Tree Farm is where I purchased my son’s first Christmas outfit he wore at just one-week-old. No matter how big or small the tree you choose, or if you even choose one at all, you have to get yourself out to the Christmas Tree Farm this holiday season to bring yourself and your family a little extra happy this year.

What are some of your favorite holiday traditions? Feel free to tag us in a post or drop a comment and let us know. Since my son will be one-year-old this Christmas I am looking to possibly start a few new traditions and am all ears.