A Short Guide to Choosing the Right Flooring


We all see the dream homes on Instagram and Pinterest. They are always fabulous, and you can immediately recognize why its a “dream home.” It’s got those characteristics! Now, one of the most eye-catching to me is the flooring. I know, seems a little odd right? However, just think about it. You know a good floor when you see one, and trust me, I know you’ve swooned over some bathroom tile a time or two (who hasn’t?). Anyways, there is a lot more that goes into picking the perfect flooring than just finding something pretty! You need to think about the type of use that floor will get and the environment it will be in.


For example, when choosing the correct flooring, something to think about is how much moisture the floor will be in contact with. Places like bathrooms or outdoor areas would be prime examples of this. Recommended flooring types would be ceramic, porcelain tile, or even concrete for bathrooms. Outdoor areas are typically concrete, but if you’re looking to utilize a tile or two for a fireplace or outdoor kitchen, you’ll be safe to do so as well.


What about flooring for those with pets?


I am so glad you asked! We love our fur babies, but sometimes they can be so destructive, especially to our floors. You’re definitely going to want a floor that has a great wear resistance. Many hardwoods will show scratches galore, and although it can be sanded out, who wants to mess with that time and time again. So, we recommend a durable flooring such as porcelain or ceramic tile, and laminate. Now I know what you’re about to say… but I WANT hardwood. Well, let me tell you something. We have something even better: tile that LOOKS like wood. It is as beautiful as hardwood, and it is durable. Best of both worlds.

We’d be more than happy to discuss all the options for flooring with you. Just give us a call or message us on Instagram and Facebook. Our goal is to build your dream home, so that’s exactly what we will do. Every step of the way (especially the flooring) we’re here to guide you and make that picture perfect home