Building Your Design Aesthetic

We all see those homes on Instagram, Pinterest, and in magazines, that we think to ourselves: THAT is my ideal home. What about it makes us feel that way? It’s the aesthetic! As a Gen Z and an aspiring art historian, I feel qualified to speak on the topic of aesthetics… it’s basically in my DNA. In other words, knowing your personal aesthetic and how to implement it into your life is very important to the people of my generation. An aesthetic is a philosophy regarding the things you find beautiful, wonderful, and somewhat magical at times. It can be anything from your personal style in your fashion, or in this case, your home decor. I’ll be using photos from my apartment to help illustrate my own aesthetic, so don’t be concerned if you’re not vibing with my decor. That’s the beauty of personal aesthetics, they are unique to you! Anyways, I bet you’re now wondering, “how do I find it?” and “how do I bring that into my home?!” Ladies and gents, that’s where I come in. Let’s get started.

You could simply take a Buzzfeed quiz and see where that gets you, but I think I have something a little better. First, you need to think about what you like and dislike. I know, I know, sounds so simple it is silly, but trust me! After you’ve started to nail down some of your favorite and least favorite things, you want to describe your own personality and what you want people to feel when they are around you. This can easily be translated into how you want people to feel when they enter your home. For example, I love art, so when people meet me and come into my home, I want them to immediately know art is important to me. However, I also have an obsession with vintage (and seemingly very random) things, so it is a must in my design aesthetic that I utilize the antiques and eclectic decor items I have bought throughout the years. It sends a clear message as to what I like, and it also brings personal joy into my living space.

Another way to really hone into your design aesthetic is Pinterest. Once you have found the things you like, you can start to create “mood boards” and curate a collection of photos that you want to emulate in your decor. Using myself as an example again, my aesethic is a very eclectic mixture of what is known as dark academia, Wes Anderson, and Rococo art. (Look all three of these up, and I am sure you’re wondering how I would ever get them to all work well together.) Anyways, when I am looking for inspiration on how to mix these into my living aesthetic, I tend to look up things like library interiors, Wes Anderson scenes, and Versailles. I know, it still seems a little strange, but I swear, I make it work! The truth is, if you feel confident in your aesthetic and you truly love the things you’re decorating with, it will all work out in the end. Be bold with color choices if that is your thing, or stick to the neutrals if that is your vibe. There is no wrong way to decorate the way you love. If you’re not inspired by your home and the things surrounding you, then you haven’t found your aesthetic yet.  Once you’re inspired, by golly, you’ve done it!