Buying A Home Duirng A Global Pandemic

Purchasing a home is a major decision, especially right now during the global COVID-19 pandemic. However, despite what feels like an uncertain future the market is booming. When it comes down to making the big decision to buy or build right now things are going to look a little different.

Here at Don Wise Construction we want to make sure we are giving everyone the opportunity to tour the homes that are currently under construction, sale pending, or available; which is why we have launched our Tuesday Tours with Donnie Wise and Baby Jack by doing this we are giving you the opportunity to tour these beautiful homes right from your couch, car, or wherever you might be in that moment. A recent article written by BankRate details different ways you, the buyer, can embrace these new virtual tools that are literally at your fingertips. If you are interested in working with a builder on your dream home but nervous to meet in person Zoom and Facetime are great tools to get that face-to-face interaction without having to be in a close space. Aslo, if you are taking a virtual tour you can invite more of your friends and family to watch and take a look at the home you are considering without having to make sure everyone is available at the same time. We aren’t the only ones adjusting to these unusual times — you can even close on your dream home right from your car with very limited person-to-person interaction. Several title companies are trying to streamline the process by bringing your documents to you on a clipboard and standing back from your car while you sign.

According to a recent report by Fox Business mortgage rates have continued to maintain at historically low rates, it is uncertain how long they will stay this low, but if you jump on the opportunity now you can lock yourself in at that low rate. However, with every good there does come a catch you might say — there are currently stricter guidelines being placed on the mortgage process which can make the lending process slightly more challenging for home buyers. Despite what feels like more work on roadblocks in the process of securing that home loan, the historically low rate and your beautiful new dream home make the work all worth it. recently put together a home-buying FAQ article that hits on some really great points if you feel like now is the time for you to start on your dream home, especially if you are someone whose job isn’t stable due to the pandemic. If you are recently unemployed or dealing with pandemic pay it isn’t out of the question for you to purchase a home right now, but some serious thought does need to go into the decision just like buying a home when your job is stable.

Regardless of the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic all of us here at Don Wise Construction are ready to help you build your dream home, whether that means just chatting right now about your options or starting the process both virtually and in-person. We cannot wait to hear from you and make those dreams come true!