Enjoy the Home Building Process

Photo credit: Benjamin Moore

When building a new home, in the beginning picking out all the things from paint colors to appliances to flooring is exciting, but pretty soon the tasks can become overwhelming. The very things that are exciting like paint colors, appliances and flooring can suddenly become unwelcome chores. My best advice is to prepare, prepare, prepare because once the building process begins decisions will need to be made quickly. This is particularly applicable this year, as we have experienced material delay after delay due to the pandemic, so the sooner you can make your selections the better chance we have of staying on time and on budget. It also means less stress for you allowing you to enjoy the building process. I recommend the following to all of my custom clients:

  • Start a new home board on Pinterest and pin things that you are drawn to. I also recommend taking screenshots of those photos for easy access. Make a New Home album on your phone for your screenshots.


  • Instagram is another great source of current home trends. Follow builders and designers from all over the country to offer a wide variety of styles and tastes. Again, screenshot photos for ease of accessing the photo when you need it.
Photo credit:  Berkeley Building Co.



  • When you have some downtime or sleepless nights (that is when I do my best spec home styling) examine those saved photographs to determine what exactly drew you to it in the first place. For example, I am currently drawn to the white walls and black built-ins, but after further examination, I discovered I am only drawn to that color combination if it is warmed up with wood to offset the stark color contrast.


  • Once you make your selections, try to keep paint samples, countertop samples, and any other samples with you at all times. This will be of great benefit to you when shopping for furniture items or making other selections.





  • Finally, I have found creating a picture collage particularly beneficial. I use Pic Stitch’s free version, but any will do.


My best advice is to enjoy the journey of building your home. Don’t get overwhelmed and take it one-step at a time. And, of course, communicate with your homebuilder if you have any questions or concerns.

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