Thanksgiving Celebrations During COVID-19

A COVID Safe Thanksgiving

It’s the middle of November, and Thanksgiving is quickly approaching. Unfortunately, COVID is still impacting the ways we can interact with others and show them our gratitude for them being in our lives. We have limited options this Thanksgiving, but it doesn’t mean we don’t have some fun ideas up our sleeves to get past this crazy time in all of our lives. So, how can we make the most of this Thanksgiving while taking the best precautions we can while celebrating? Take your Thanksgiving feast outdoors!

Yes, you heard me, take it outside! We’ve been fortunate enough to be given some pretty good weather that permits us to still be able to have some fun in the (fall) sun. A Thanksgiving outdoors is not only safe and lessens the chances of catching COVID, but you can also have a pretty little feast that looks straight out of a magazine. We’ve wrapped up the best of the best ideas for creating a memorable feast this year.

First and foremost, outdoor table settings are my personal favorite. Take a big long table, put a festive tablecloth on there, and add some greenery? Yes ma’am. I am obviously trying to live my life as if I live in a cottage with a garden in the middle of France. Anyways… the greenery and florals you choose really make the table setting look more cohesive with the natural setting. It gives it those super cozy vibes that are perfect for the fall time.

Also, don’t feel limited to a white tablecloth or something super sophisticated. Consider taking a tartan blanket or anything that really adds to the atmosphere. You could even use burlap or butcher paper. It is truly whatever you think creates that perfect Thanksgiving flow.

Image Credit: Rachel Joy Barhel

For the table setting, there are many ways you could go about this. You could do a magnificent set of china for the ultimate juxtaposition of the natural outdoors with just a dash of elegance (that is totally my ideal setting). However, if you don’t feel that’s your style and you’d rather stick with easy cleanup, many local kitchen accessory stores (like Creative Kitchen, for example) have the cutest paper plate and napkin options that exude the essence of Thanksgiving.

Pinterest is a great place to get more ideas for your perfect table setting, but we hope this got you on the right track and excited to have the cutest outdoor Thanksgiving! Be sure to check out the local stores for some fun accessory pieces (I’m thinking so tall candlesticks on the table would be fabulous), and support your local bakeries and restaurants if you’re looking to skip on some of the cooking this year. Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks, so let’s say thank you to those we love and to the local businesses in our community for being here with us during this unfortunate year.

Image Credit: Start @ Home

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