The Pandemic and What It Means for Homebuilding

5 News Interview

The COVID-19 pandmemic has had an impact on all our lives in just about every aspect. New home construction and remodeling projects have certainly not been immune to the adverse impacts. The factory closures for construction material coupled with extraordinarily low interest rates have caused shortages in just about every area of the construction process. With the increased demand have come price increases, particulary in the lumber industry. The lumber industry was hit quite hard due to lumber facility closures and the invasive mountain pine beetle devastating millions of pine trees. Check out this article about how Michigan officials are taking steps to protect pine trees.  To say that the lumber industry has had its problems in 2020, is an understatement. I was recently interviewed by 5 News to discuss the lumber price increases and what it was doing to the construction business. Click on the picture above to see the entire interivew.

As a consumer how can you avoid delays in your construction or remodeling projects?

  1. Pick items early. Even if you are just at the very beginning stages of your project go ahead and pick plumbing fixtures, exterior colors, light fixtures, flooring, etcetera to avoid future delays and frustrations.
  2. Our normal price guarantee policy is 30 days as of an estimate date, however, due to these unprecedented times and frequently rising costs, we are only able to guarantee prices for 14 days as that is how long our subs are guaranteeing their prices. If you are thinking of building or remodeling, you should sign your contract as soon as possible to ensure the lowest price possible.

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