Three Spring Decor Ideas

After that INSANE snowstorm last week, I think we are all ready for some warmer (and milder) weather. It is a tad stressful when everyday activities like taking a shower, or washing dishes–literally anything that uses water–becomes a hassle because of the weather! Anyways, as I said, we are all ready for the good vibes weather. It might be a little bit before it comes to stay, but why not get your house spring-ed up for all the mood-boosting you could ever need!

Today, we’re gonna talk about three ways to add a little spice to your home and give it that light and airy vibe we all know and love. The bright and airy with light colors screams spring to me, so I’ll primarily be focusing on simple decor items that add to this vibe! 

  1. Flowers

I see some fresh flowers at a store or open market? I will buy them, guaranteed. There is something so lovely about fresh flowers, and no one can deny that. Truly, they make me swoon, and I think it has to do with the mere delicacy of them combined with their incomparable beauty. Okay, maybe I am going slightly overboard on my love for flowers, but that’s not the point here *ahem*. Even if you only can get faux flowers, they sure do pack a punch when on a budget for decor! They brighten up the room, and just seeing something so pretty is sure to boost that mood and get you daydreaming of springtime fun.


  1. Wicker Baskets

Let’s be real. I love a good basket. Who doesn’t? They make me feel so organized even though I am just putting my non-organized mess inside a giant bowl (essentially). However, that doesn’t matter, I still feel so organized and put-together (which is rare) so I am such a big basket advocate, especially when they are wicker. My goodness, they just go with everything! No matter your color palette or design style, a wicker basket can always work its way into your design! They add a little cottage core flair which is truly the epitome of springtime to me, and therefore, they are perfect for spring decor! You can find these at almost any decor store and even Walmart, go check them out! 

Photo Courtesy of Birchlane

  1. Terra Cotta Pots

Yes, I also am a big terra cotta lover. I love the color and the texture! They add a lot of character to a room in my opinion. Even if you don’t fill them with anything, they still really add some depth and organic structure (kind of an oxymoron, but it works) to your decor design! I recommend placing them atop a stack of coffee table books or other things that allow you to really vary the heights! They bring the outdoors inside in a controlled way, and that is definitely the vibe I want to go for in the spring!

Photo Courtesy of Liz Marie Blog

Thanks for reading, and if you guys try out any of these decor ideas, you should tag us on Instagram @donwiseconstruction so we can see all the fun stuff you guys come up with!