Three Thanksgiving Decor Trends

Well, another Halloween has come and gone! I don’t know about you, but I love Halloween. There are just so many cute and fun decor things you can do without it being too cheesy (or on the other end, terrifying!). I know we all just want to jump straight to Christmas decorating and all that jazz, but we have another holiday in between!

Good ol’ Thanksgiving.

The time for the most delicious food and great family time. However, I know sometimes we struggle with the decoration for November. We obviously cannot keep our skeletons and spooky skeletons out, so what do we do?
Our first instinct is to search Pinterest for hours, of course, but who has the time for that?! Well, I am hoping to lessen the load a little bit and jumpstart your Thanksgiving decor. You can keep it up all month long, and as soon as Black Friday hits… get those Christmas trees up (that’s my philosophy anyways). So, here are three of the biggest, and my favorite, design trends for this Thanksgiving season.

     1. The Mantel

This is something many people would primarily associate with Christmas time. However, I am here to counter that. I love this trend where people are making these wonderful mantle floral and fauna pieces that truly exemplify fall! It looks fun, elegant, and super cozy. I am here for this. There are lots of lush greens included in these mantel garlands, but to kick up the fall/Thanksgiving vibe, I suggest adding some gourds and other autumnal colored flowers.

Image courtesy of Elle Decor Magazine

     2. Pillows

I love a good throw pillow. Truly. Ask my mom, she knows that I will buy a throw pillow about as easily as groceries. They truly can add a touch of fun in a subtle way that I just cannot get over. I am currently sporting a fun turkey pillow on my couch, and I must say, it is perfect. This is not necessarily a new trend, but I definitely think it is worth mentioning. Never underestimate the power of a throw pillow. They can tie in all the decor in a room without being too flashy. I found my pillow at an estate sale for $2, so that is a prime example that fun and seasonal decor doesn’t have to break the bank! Go to thrift stores and local businesses! They always have something in your price range and one-of-a-kind.

     3. Drink Please!

Bar carts are a trend I never want to die. They are so simple, yet there is so much one can do with a good bar cart. You don’t even have to fill it with alcohol if that is not your vibe, and this is where the Thanksgiving aspect comes in. I’ve been seeing a few bar carts that are so autumnal and beautiful, I just can’t get enough. They’ve got apple cider and hot chocolate galore, and I just think that is so cute. Any Friendsgiving or Thanksgiving event will need one of these. To really spice it up, I have seen little vases of fall leaves and apples atop these carts, and it really adds a special touch.

Image courtesy of New Momma Survival